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  • Thinking Skills: Critical Thinking And Problem Solving

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    Thinking Skills is the only endorsed coursebook that provides complete coverage of the Cambridge AS and A Level Thinking Skills syllabus offering substantially updated, new and revised content. It also contains extensive extra material to cover related awards. Written by experienced and highly respected authors, this book includes features such as clearly focused and differentiated units, stimulating student activities with commentaries to develop analytical skills, summaries of key concepts to review learning, end-of-chapter assignments to reinforce knowledge and skills, and a mapping grid to demonstrate the applicability of each unit to awards including Critical Thinking, BMAT and TSA.
  • Power Up Your Mind: Learn Faster, Work Smarter

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    Bill Lucas, a leading international expert on life-long learning, shows that while we have learned more about how the brain works in the last decade than we have everknown, only a fraction of this is grasped and applied by most people. PowerUp Your Mind applies this practical knowledge for the first time and shows you how to learn. Drawing on research from a wide variety of subject areas, from neuroscience to psychology, from motivation theory to accelerated learning, from memory to diet, this book shows how everyone has the capacity to succeed and how most people use only a very small portion of their talents. ‘At last – a powerful and practical new book for learners who want to become leaders’ ― Mike Liebling, Director of Trainset and formerly of Saatchi & Saatchi ‘An excellent book about learning. It puts the ultimate learning resource – the brain – centre stage and helps us to understand how to get the best use out of it. Actioning even a fraction of Bill Lucas’s suggestions will transform your life’. ― Dr Peter Honey, author and expert on learning and human performance.
  • Psychology: A Self-Teaching Guide

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    Master key concepts. Answer challenging questions. Prepare forexams. Learn at your own pace. What are the two basic psychological dimensions of emotions? How doyou define abnormal behavior? Is extrasensory perception real? Whatis Viktor Frankl known for? With Psychology: A Self-Teaching Guide, you'll discover the answers to these questions and many more. Frank Bruno explains all the major psychological theories and termsin this book, covering perception, motivation, thinking, personality, sensation, intelligence, research methods, and muchmore. He presents the foundations of psychology and the biology ofbehavior; explores how children develop into adults and thepsychological factors that make us individuals; and examinesvarious mental disorders and the types of therapy used to treatthem. The step-by-step, Q&A format of Psychology makes it fullyaccessible, providing an easily understood, comprehensive overviewof the topic.