• Peck's Bad Boy with the Cowboys

    Available: Epub 31 Downloads
  • Hayslope Grange

    Available: Epub 35 Downloads
    The Hero sides with the Parliament and the Puritan party from motives of patriotism, and is therefore banished from Grange by his father, who is a Romanist.
  • The Little Mixer

    Available: Epub 28 Downloads
  • Leo the Circus Boy

    Available: Epub 29 Downloads
    A nail-biting adventure that takes place in a circus.
  • Through Forest and Fire

    Available: Epub 26 Downloads
  • The Magician's Show Box and Other Stories

    Available: Epub 26 Downloads
    The Magician's Show Box; The Violet Flame; Floribel; The Lady Intelletta; Venus's Dove; The Gala-Day; Earning One's Own Living
  • The God of Love

    Available: Epub 14 Downloads
    This is the book of Lappo Lappi, called by his friends the careless, the happy-go-lucky, the devil-may-take-it, the God-knows-what. Called by his enemies drinker, swinker, tumbler, tinker, swiver. Called by many women that liked him pretty fellow, witty fellow, light fellow, bright fellow, bad fellow, mad fellow, and the like. Called by some women who once loved him Lapinello, Lappinaccio, little Lappo. Called now in God as a good religious should be, Lappentarius, from a sweet saint myself discovered—or invented; need we quibble?—in an ancient manuscript. And it is my merry purpose now, in a time when I, that am no longer merry, look back upon days and hours and weeks and months and years that were very merry indeed, propose to set down something of my own jolly doings and lovings, and incidentally to [Pg 2]tell some things about a friend of mine that was never so merry as I was, though a thousand times wiser; and never so blithe as I was, though a thousand times the better man.
  • The Putnam Hall Encampment

    Available: Epub 30 Downloads
  • Khaled, A Tale of Arabia

    Available: Epub 36 Downloads