• Student Body

    Available: Epub 10 Downloads
    When a really infallible scientific bureau makes a drastically serious error, the data must be wrong ... but wrong in what way?
  • Scorched Earth

    Available: Epub 5 Downloads
  • The Imitation of Earth

    Available: Epub 9 Downloads
  • Tight Squeeze

    Available: Epub 10 Downloads
    He knew the theory of repairing the gizmo all right. He had that nicely taped. But there was the little matter of threading a wire through a too-small hole while under zero-g, and working in a spacesuit!
  • $1

    Available: Epub 7 Downloads
  • Slingshot

    Available: Epub 7 Downloads
    The slingshot was, I believe, one of the few weapons of history that wasn't used in the last war. That doesn't mean it won't be used in the next!
  • Tom Swift and His Submarine Boat

    Available: Epub 17 Downloads
  • The Yillian Way

    Available: Epub 7 Downloads
    The ceremonious protocol of the Yills was impressive, colorful--and, in the long run, deadly!
  • The King's Men

    Available: Epub 5 Downloads
    The other authors to whom this work is attributed are John Boyle O'Reilly, J. S. Dale, and John T. Wheelwright.
  • Rip Foster in Ride the Gray Planet

    Available: Epub 11 Downloads
    Freshly graduated and commissioned Planeteer Lt. Rip Foster is tasked with retrieving an asteroid made of pure thorium from the asteroid belt and bringing it to Earth for use as fissionable material. But the totalitarian Connies have their own plans for the asteroid...