• Glaucoma

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  • The Indian in his Wigwam

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  • Corea or Cho-sen

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  • Ebooks: Neither E, Nor Books

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  • Crescent and Iron Cross

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    When the Young Turks came into power, they proclaimed that they were going to weld the Ottoman Empire into one homogeneous and harmonious whole. But by a piece of brilliant paradoxical resasoning, says Mr. Benson, German determined that it was she who was going to do it for them.
  • The Affecting Case of the Unfortunate Thomas Daniels

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    THEAFFECTING CASEOF THE UNFORTUNATETHOMAS DANIELS,WHO WASTried at the SESSIONS held at the OLD BAILEY,September, 1761,FOR THESupposed MURDER of his WIFE;By casting her out of a CHAMBER WINDOW:And for which he was sentenced to die, but received his MAJESTY'Smost Gracious and Free Pardon.IN WHICH IS CONTAINED,A circumstantial Account of the Behaviour of that unhappy Woman,from her Husband's first Acquaintance with her, to the Day of her Death.Drawn up and authenticated by the said Daniels himself;And faithfully prepared for the Press, byAn IMPARTIAL HAND.
  • Study of the King James Bible

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  • The Number Concept

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  • The Brother Clerks

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  • Little Masterpieces of Science

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    Franklin, B. Lightning identified with electricity -- Faraday, M. Preparing the way for the electric dynamo and motor -- Henry, J. Invention of the electric telegraph -- Iles, G. The first Atlantic cables -- Bell, A. G. The invention of the telephone -- Dam, H. J. W. Photographing the unseen -- Iles, G. The wireless telegraph -- Iles, G. Electricity, what its mastery means: with a review and a prospect -- Rumford, Count (B. Thompson) Heat and motion identified -- Stephenson, G. The "Rocket" locomotive and its victory.