• Breaking the Wilderness

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    The greatest interest of the book will probably be found to lie in the innumerable and fully authenticated tales of trappers and traders with which its pages abound. The text is a rare combination of history, observation and story telling, and it is beautifully illustrated. The “breaking of the wilderness,‘ the once savage region west of the Mississippi, by explorer, fighter, trapper and fur trader is pictured to us as by a vitascope.
  • Beach Rambles in search of Seaside Pebbles and Crystals

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    In the present treatise, an attempt has been made to commend this subject to more general attention, by grouping together many scattered facts and methodizing the results. Learned disquisitions and technical terms have been as much as possible avoided; but in the con cluding chapters, sundry interesting points in natural philosophy bearing upon the subject are handled rather more scientifically; and here, some original matter will be found.
  • Shelters, Shacks and Shanties

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    "Shelters, Shacks, and Shanties" was written and illustrated by Daniel C. Beard in 1914. He was one of the founders of the Boy Scouts movement in America. The book explains how to build shelters, from the simplest requiring a hatchet, to elaborate constructions such as a homestead. The book is addressed to "boys of all ages." This version comes illustrated with Beard's 338 pen and ink drawings, as well as a cover based upon the original 1914 cover design. The book tells you how to build: Sod Houses Log Cabins Over-Water camps Railroad Tie Shacks Navaho Hogans And it also explains: How to Use an Axe How to Split Shakes How to Build a Fireplace How to Make Doors & Latches