• Pelham

    Available: Epub 8 Downloads
  • Five Thousand Dollars Reward

    Available: Epub 7 Downloads
  • Adrift in New York

    Available: Epub 10 Downloads
  • Mystery of the Yellow Room

    Available: Epub 7 Downloads
    For sheer originality and ingenuity this story may be reckoned one of the best tales since Gaboriau. Seldom does a detective story end with so total a surprise, which nevertheless, seems logical and natural. For the many who delight in following the intricacies of crime and the avenging hand of Justice, this book has rare charms.
  • Miss Cayley's Adventures

    Available: Epub 12 Downloads
    The story of an intelligent, independent young British woman who sets out around the world in search of adventure. She finds plenty as she trips-up con-men, outsmarts Arabs, kills a tiger and, of course, saves the man she loves. Allen is a great writer so it's not nearly as trite as it may sound. It has humor and a couple of stinging barbs at the condescending attitude that was no doubt prevalent in those heady days of Victoria's global empire.
  • The Grand Babylon Hotel

    Available: Epub 16 Downloads
  • The Radio Detectives

    Available: Epub 40 Downloads
  • In Her Own Right

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  • The Air Mystery of Isle La Motte

    Available: Epub 6 Downloads
  • Followed

    Available: Epub 8 Downloads