• Voice from the Cave

    Available: Epub 43 Downloads
    Penny is dismayed when her father's new friend, Mrs. Deline, travels with the Parkers on their vacation. Penny considers Mrs. Deline to be a pest and feels that Mrs. Deline has ruined their vacation. Fortunately, Penny is distracted by a search for foreign spies who are hiding in the area and have been transmitting information over the radio.
  • The Girl Scouts at Camp Comalong

    Available: Epub 24 Downloads
  • Peter the Brazen

    Available: Epub 13 Downloads
    The Chinese call him "Ren-Beh-Tung", or Man of Bronze, though the British call him a reckless and dangerous adventurer.
  • The Boy Scouts on Picket Duty

    Available: Epub 32 Downloads
  • The Stowmarket Mystery

    Available: Epub 32 Downloads
    Featuring Reginald Brett, Barrister Detective, an insightful, Sherlockian investigator. (Also published as "A Fatal Legacy" in the U.K.)
  • John Dene of Toronto

    Available: Epub 19 Downloads
    The story of how Malcolm Sage frustrated the enemies of Sir John Dene, inventor of submarine destroyers.
  • The Ralston Bank Burglary

    Available: Epub 22 Downloads
  • Rosa Alchemica

    Available: Epub 44 Downloads
  • The Blind Man's Eyes

    Available: Epub 32 Downloads
  • An Artist in Crime

    Available: Epub 31 Downloads
    Detective Jack Barnes is pitted against a would-be "gentleman" criminal in this thriller by "one of the most neglected authors in the entire history of the detective story."