• Tish

    Available: Epub 21 Downloads
    Indomitable Tish!--best loved of all the character creations of Mary Roberts Rinehart--she lives joyously on in her adventures to the delight and entertainment of her many admirers.
  • The Passenger from Calais

    Available: Epub 59 Downloads
    A bright, quickly moving detective story telling of the adventures which befell a mysterious lady flying from Calais through France into Italy, closely pursued by detectives. Her own quick wits, aided by those of a gallant fellow passenger, give the two officers an unlooked-for and exciting "run for their money." One hardly realized till now the dramatic possibilities of a railway train, and what an opportunity for excitement may be afforded by a join railway station for two or more roads. it is a well-planned, logical detective story of the better sort, free from cheap sensationalism and improbability, developing surely and steadily by means of exciting situations to an unforseen and satisfactory ending.
  • Ruth Fielding Down East

    Available: Epub 43 Downloads
    Ruth, already successful as a scenario writer, had planned an unusual outline for a new moving picture. This outline disappeared and then turned up in a most unexpected fashion!
  • The Achievements of Luther Trant

    Available: Epub 39 Downloads
    Except for its characters and plot, this book is not a work of the imagination. The methods which the fictitious Trant -- one time assistant in a psychological laboratory, now turned detective -- here uses to solve the mysteries which present themselves to him, are real methods; the tests he employs are real tests. Though little known to the general public, they are precisely such as are being used daily in the psychological laboratories of the great universities -- both in America and Europe -- by means of which modern men of science are at last disclosing and denning the workings of that oldest of world-mysteries -- the human mind.
  • The Tenants of Malory

    Available: Epub 19 Downloads
    This work abounds in fine picturesque writing; the interest is well sustained, and the chief characters are powerfully drawn. Mr. Le Fanu has the faculty of mixing many elements in such proportion as gives due relation and fitting place to all.
  • Sons and Fathers

    Available: Epub 19 Downloads
  • At War with Society

    Available: Epub 21 Downloads
  • The Messenger

    Available: Epub 17 Downloads
    A supernatural story featuring Dick Darrel.
  • The House of Whispers

    Available: Epub 37 Downloads
    A remarkable mystery story in which valuables disappear from locked safes; written and whispered warnings come out of nowhere and a murder is committed behind locked doors--all in a modern New York apartment. "Full of arresting situations and making a strong appeal at every stage to the instinct of curiosity."--The Pall Mall Gazette.
  • Basil

    Available: Epub 37 Downloads
    A tale of criminality, almost revolting from its domestic horrors.