• Fruitfulness - Fecondite

    Available: Epub 22 Downloads
    Translated and edited by Ernest Alfred Vizetelly
  • The Riddle of the Spinning Wheel

    Available: Epub 20 Downloads
  • Peck's Bad Boy with the Cowboys

    Available: Epub 31 Downloads
  • The Fabulous Clipjoint

    Available: Epub 29 Downloads
    Vice and murder prowl Chicago--and one man hunts a killer through the glittering Gold Coast and seamy back alleys. (1948 winner of the Edgar Award for Best First Novel.)
  • The Putnam Hall Encampment

    Available: Epub 30 Downloads
  • Tangled Trails

    Available: Epub 35 Downloads
  • Pick a Crime

    Available: Epub 33 Downloads
  • The Argus Pheasant

    Available: Epub 32 Downloads
    In Bulungan, a section of Borneo, there is constant trouble because of disturbances on the part of the natives and the men sent by the Dutch government as overseers usually meet death. Peter Gross, an American, thinks he understands the situation and accepts the position of resident. Koyala, called Argus Pheasant, daughter of a French trader and a native woman, because of her birth fiercely hates the white people, and it is she who is largely responsible for the condition of affairs in Bulungan. Peter Gross meets many perilous situations, falls into the hands of the Chinaman, Ah Sing, who plays an important part in the story, and also encounters the treachery of Koyala. In the end he wins her over and the outlook for the future is promising.
  • Inside the Lines

    Available: Epub 60 Downloads
    The story deals with an intrigue to blow up the English squadron at Gibraltar by gaining access to the room where the electrical contact with the harbor mines is made, and on this background Mr. Biggers paints a picture of the scenes following the outbreak of the war which is full of interest.