• The Red Rat's Daughter

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    A story of the release of a Russian prisoner from an island on the east of Siberia. The young English millionaire thinks he is rescuing his sweetheart's father, a noted Nihilist; but when the man is safe, he discovers that he has really brought off the most notorious diamond-robber in the world. The story is full of sensations, and people who like such fiction will find this bright and lively from first to last.
  • Aaron Trow

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  • The Broken Thread

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  • The House of Strange Secrets

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  • The House Opposite

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  • The Criminal & the Community

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  • The Five Knots

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  • The Mayor's Wife

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  • Le fauteuil hanté

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  • Gideon's Band

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    The story is told in the most leisurely manner, and it certainly is not the author's fault if the reader is not intimately acquainted with the river and with almost the entire crew and passenger list of the Votaress before closing the book. The plot is complicated and there are some dramatic scenes, although certain incidents, especially the appearance of Harriet in Ramsey's place, strike one as a little far-fetched.