• The Millionaire Baby

    Available: Epub 37 Downloads
    "One reads from page to page with breathless interest."--New York Times
  • The Boy Scouts of Lenox

    Available: Epub 36 Downloads
  • The Rover Boys in the Air

    Available: Epub 33 Downloads
  • The Drums of Jeopardy

    Available: Epub 25 Downloads
    A typical MacGrath story that hinges on a Bolshevik intrigue in America. Plausibility is a small concern of a plot which will hold devotees. Trivia: this novel introduces a mad-scientist character named 'Boris Karlov', a name which was later taken as a screen name by the actor Boris Karloff (William Henry Pratt).
  • The Riddle of the Purple Emperor

    Available: Epub 25 Downloads
    As excitingly improbable a detective story as ever baffled and allured the breathless reader, The Riddle of the Purple Emperor has all the thrills of adventure and murder and hate and love embroidered on the groundwork of a plot as precisely worked out as a problem in mathematics.
  • Bicycle Shop Murder

    Available: Epub 21 Downloads
    Greg Tenorly lives a quiet and lonely life in a small East Texas town, until he is selected as a juror for a murder trial. A beautiful, mysterious redhead befriends him, and seems to have a romantic interest. But is she merely using him to influence the outcome of the trial?By the end of the first week, three people connected with the case are dead, and Greg is beginning to fear for his own life. He is now convinced that a powerful Dallas attorney is directing the murder spree in his little town. But why? He is determined to find out.But his investigation just might earn him a spot at the top of the hit list.
  • Dorothy Dale's Great Secret

    Available: Epub 24 Downloads
  • The Flaming Jewel

    Available: Epub 50 Downloads
    A "North Woods" adventure with royal jewels, romance, and mystery!
  • The Gay Triangle

    Available: Epub 18 Downloads
  • The Strange Case of Cavendish

    Available: Epub 20 Downloads