• The Vagrant Duke

    Available: Epub 22 Downloads
    The absorbing story of a Russian Grand Duke who flees penniless to American and, amid mystery and thrilling happenings, works his way and finds romance.
  • The Widow Lerouge

    Available: Epub 8 Downloads
    A translation of L'affaire Lerouge.
  • The Tenants of Malory, Volume 2

    Available: Epub 15 Downloads
  • Uncle Silas

    Available: Epub 24 Downloads
  • The Shrieking Pit

    Available: Epub 28 Downloads
    As the scenes of this story are laid in a part of Norfolk which will be readily identified by many Norfolk people, it is perhaps well to state that all the personages are fictitious, and that the Norfolk police officials who appear in the book have no existence outside these pages. They and the other characters are drawn entirely from imagination.
  • The Other Side of the Door

    Available: Epub 23 Downloads
    The story is set in San Francisco in the sixties. Eleanor Fenwick, a young girl of a wealthy family, is returning from an early morning shopping trip and passes down a deserted street in which there is a notorious gambling house. Just as she approaches the house she sees a man fall through the door onto the stoop and drop dead. Following him there is a young man with a revolver in his hand. As the only witness of the affair she is called upon the stand, and her testimony as to what she saw convicts John Montgomery of murder. Through the manoeuvres of a Mexican woman who loves him he escapes on his way to prison. Later he meets Eleanor Fenwick, with whom he has fallen in love and finds that his love is returned...