• The Front Yard and other Italian stories

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    Of the stories contained in this volume,
  • Fighting Fate

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    Katie has everything planned out; school, career, social life. And she isn’t going to let anything get in her way. Until she repeatedly crosses paths with poster-child frat boy, Isaac Johnson.She hesitates when all he wants is a hook up. She pushes him away when he shows signs of wanting more. Then she’s torn, when she finds him all alone and sick as a dog after his frat brothers abandon him for spring break.Katie should leave. Stick to her plan. Finish the project that could make or break her college career.But she can’t leave him like this–to fend for himself when he can barely breathe–or ignore the connection building between them. The one she’s not sure she can fight anymore.
  • The Tale of Kiddie Katydid

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  • The Count's Millions

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    The death of the Count de Chalusse, the theft of his will and two million francs, the false accusation of Marguerite de Chalusse, make up a mystery which is solved only after some extraordinary adventures. Followed by Baron Trigault's Vengeance.
  • Olive in Italy

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    A spirited performance, rich in incident and intrigue, and written by one who knows and loves Italy.
  • The Millionaire Baby

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    "One reads from page to page with breathless interest."--New York Times
  • La tabernaria

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  • The Boy Scouts of Lenox

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  • The Rover Boys in the Air

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  • Dr. Faustus

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