• The Works of Robert Louis Stevenson

    Available: Epub 224 Downloads
    Treasure Island; Will O' The Mill; The Treasure of Franchard
  • The Lost Valley of Iskander

    Available: Epub 211 Downloads
  • The Curious Book of Birds

    Available: Epub 273 Downloads
  • Gentle Hand

    Available: Epub 141 Downloads
    Adulting is hard for Raf. After a less than ideal youth, he’d hoped to find where he belongs. But despite trying several things in the club his best friend frequents, nothing clicks for him. Until he meets Daddy Brendan, the perfect bear of a man with the gentle voice, the soft cuddles, and an appendage Raf is rather fascinated by. Daddy Brendan wants to take care of Raf in every way, and Raf quickly discovered he loves being Daddy Brendan’s baby boy. He’s finally found where he belongs. If only he could forget about his past and be truly happy… Gentle Hand is a daddy kink MM romance with age play and ABDL. Please note trigger warnings for mild homophobia, parental mistreatment, and depression. It’s the second book in the Perfect Hands series, but can be read as a stand-alone.
  • Ramona

    Available: Epub 226 Downloads
    The story of a part-Scottish and part-Indian orphan girl growing up and getting married in Southern California, suffering discrimination and hardship.
  • Fairview Boys and Their Rivals

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  • Rakentaja Solness

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  • Make Me Fall

    Available: Epub 134 Downloads
    There’s one rule in my family.Stay away from the Daly brothers.We were raised to know them as users. Manipulators. But I only ever saw Connor as the enigmatic senior hottie who dropped into fifth period to teach us about the perils of drunk driving.When my first big girl job out of college ends up with us working at the same company, it’s heart throb city all over again. Except he’s way ahead of the game. Successful, talented, put together. I’m just a frumpy twenty-something in a quarter life crisis who doesn’t know a glue stick from a makeup highlighter.He would never want me, even though he’s all I ever wanted in secret. So when we cross paths one night at the bar and one drink leads to another, he slaps me with an offer I can’t refuse.Accompany him back to Bayshore, flight included.Only stipulation? Pose as his girlfriend.Our families will flip, but I’m not strong enough to say no to those baby blues, especially if it means I’ll have a chance to go on vacation with my adolescent heart throb.We’ve got two weeks to prove we’re head over heels for each other.Which is just enough time to make me fall.
  • When the Sleepers Woke

    Available: Epub 241 Downloads
    Only two small groups of people—enemies—survive the vast desolation of the Final War.
  • L'Immorale

    Available: Epub 235 Downloads