• Wyn's Camping Days

    Available: Epub 47 Downloads
    Wynifred Mallory was delighted to learn that the Go-Ahead Club would be allowed to camp at Lake Honotonka. Soon they set off, with their boy friends to keep them company in another camp not far away. Those boys played numerous tricks on the girls, and the girls retaliated, you may be sure. And then Wyn did a strange girl a favor, and learned how some ancient statues of rare value had been lost in the lake, and how the girl's father was accused of stealing them.
  • Wulf the Saxon

    Available: Epub 48 Downloads
    A story of the Norman conquest.
  • Brenda, Her School and Her Club

    Available: Epub 22 Downloads
  • The Curious Book of Birds

    Available: Epub 45 Downloads
  • Ramona

    Available: Epub 32 Downloads
    The story of a part-Scottish and part-Indian orphan girl growing up and getting married in Southern California, suffering discrimination and hardship.
  • Fairview Boys and Their Rivals

    Available: Epub 33 Downloads
  • When the Sleepers Woke

    Available: Epub 35 Downloads
    Only two small groups of people—enemies—survive the vast desolation of the Final War.
  • L'Immorale

    Available: Epub 30 Downloads
  • Alone on an Island

    Available: Epub 54 Downloads
  • Hoiman and the Solar Circuit

    Available: Epub 28 Downloads
    They lifted Hoiman's scratch, thus causing him to lose much smoosh. So he grabbed his bum and hit the high orbit.