• Dusty Star

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    'Dusty Star' was an Indian boy who was given a wolf-cub for a pet, which he trained to be as a dog, in companionship. At the same time the boy gained much insight into the mind of the wolf, until he was almost half a wolf himself. Even among the Indian people such a friendship was uncanny, and the jealous and distrustful in the tribe attempted to kill the wolf. But 'Dusty Star' and his strange companion ran away into the land of Carboons, where they experienced many strange adventures.
  • The Three Admirals

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  • The Court Jester

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    A fascinating tale of two high-bred little ladies of the sixteenth century, the Duchess Anne of Brittany and the Princess Marguerite of Austria. These two girls are real children, with a love of dolls and pets and stories and a knack of getting themselves and other people into amusing trouble. Strangely mingled with their fortunes is a famous court jester, witty and impudent, but a true friend. Again Mrs. Baker proves how gay and entertaining the historical romance may be made for children.
  • Mass' George

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  • Knights of Art

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    In telling these stories I have been helped by an old book called The Lives of the Painters, by Giorgio Vasari, who was himself a painter. He took great delight in gathering together all the stories about these artists and writing them down with loving care, so that he shows us real living men, and not merely great names by which the famous pictures are known.
  • Patience Wins

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  • Two Boy Gold Miners

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  • Among the Forest People

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  • The Moving Picture Girls at Oak Farm

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    Full of fun in the country, the haps and mishaps of talking film plays, and giving an account of two unusual discoveries.
  • The Tale of Dickie Deer Mouse

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