• Indienfahrt

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  • Caligula

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    The translation of Alexander Thomson, revised and corrected by T. Forester.
  • Aus meinem Leben - Zweiter Teil

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  • Corea or Cho-sen

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  • Dear Fatty

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    One of the greatest comedy actresses of recent time, Dawn French has a career that has spanned nearly three decades, encompassing a vast and brilliant array of characters. Loved for her irreverant humor, she has achieved massive success while pushing boundaries and challenging stereotypes. In this memoir in the form of letters to people in her life, she describes her journey. Beginning her career as part of the groundbreaking alternative comedy group the Comic Strip, she then helped firmly establish a place for women in British comedy with Girls On Top, which teamed Dawn with Jennifer Saunders, Ruby Wax, and Tracy Ullman. As part of the wildly successful and much-loved duo French and Saunders, Dawn helped create a repetoire of brilliantly observed characters, parodying popular culture and impersonating everything from Harry Potter to The Exorcist. Dawn's recent role in the Vicar of Dibley showcased both her talent and also her ability to take a controversial issue and make it mainstream--and very funny. From her apartment-sharing antics with Jennifer Saunders to the death of her father, from her outspoken views on sizeism to her views on Madonna, Dear Fatty will chronicle the extraordinary, hilarious rise of a complex, dynamic, and unstoppable woman.
  • Crescent and Iron Cross

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    When the Young Turks came into power, they proclaimed that they were going to weld the Ottoman Empire into one homogeneous and harmonious whole. But by a piece of brilliant paradoxical resasoning, says Mr. Benson, German determined that it was she who was going to do it for them.
  • Privateering and Piracy in the Colonial Period

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    The object of the following collection of documents is not to give the whole history of any episode of piracy or of the career of any privateer, but rather, by appropriate selection, to illustrate, as well as is possible in one volume, all the different aspects of both employments, and to present specimens of all the different sorts of papers to which they gave rise.
  • Twain's Letters vol 4 1886-1900

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    Edited by A.B. Paine.
  • The History of Herodotus, volume 2

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    Translated by G.C. Macauley