• Corea or Cho-sen

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  • Crescent and Iron Cross

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    When the Young Turks came into power, they proclaimed that they were going to weld the Ottoman Empire into one homogeneous and harmonious whole. But by a piece of brilliant paradoxical resasoning, says Mr. Benson, German determined that it was she who was going to do it for them.
  • Privateering and Piracy in the Colonial Period

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    The object of the following collection of documents is not to give the whole history of any episode of piracy or of the career of any privateer, but rather, by appropriate selection, to illustrate, as well as is possible in one volume, all the different aspects of both employments, and to present specimens of all the different sorts of papers to which they gave rise.
  • Twain's Letters vol 4 1886-1900

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    Edited by A.B. Paine.
  • The History of Herodotus, volume 2

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    Translated by G.C. Macauley
  • The Americanism of Washington

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    Hard is the task of the man who at this late day attempts to say anything new about Washington. But perhaps it may be possible to unsay some of the things which have been said, and which, though they were at one time new, have never at any time been strictly true.
  • Pagan and Christian Rome

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  • Rebel Spurs

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    In 1866, only men uprooted by war had reason to ride into Tubacca, Arizona. So when Drew Rennie, newly discharged from Forrest's Confederate scouts, arrived leading everything he owned behind him--his thoroughbred stud Shiloh, a mare about to foal, and a mule--he knew his business would not be questioned. To anyone in Tubacca there could be only one extraordinary thing about Drew, and that he could not reveal: his name, Rennie.
  • Little Masterpieces of Science

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    Franklin, B. Lightning identified with electricity -- Faraday, M. Preparing the way for the electric dynamo and motor -- Henry, J. Invention of the electric telegraph -- Iles, G. The first Atlantic cables -- Bell, A. G. The invention of the telephone -- Dam, H. J. W. Photographing the unseen -- Iles, G. The wireless telegraph -- Iles, G. Electricity, what its mastery means: with a review and a prospect -- Rumford, Count (B. Thompson) Heat and motion identified -- Stephenson, G. The "Rocket" locomotive and its victory.