• Morning Star

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    "A royal prince faces many extreme challenges to win the throne and the heart of his beloved."--Haggard H. Rider: Finished
  • The Golden Silence

    Available: Epub 14 Downloads
    A powerful tale of Algeria, full of the wonder and mystery of the desert. The action is dramatic and the descriptions are done with rare power. The story will bring a new type of Williamson novel to all those who love tales of mystery, romance, and adventure.
  • The American Credo

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    The superficial, no doubt, will mistake this little book for a somewhat laborious attempt at jocosity. Because, incidentally to its main purpose, it unveils occasional ideas of so inordinate an erroneousness that they verge upon the ludicrous, it will be set down a piece of spoofing, and perhaps denounced as in bad taste. But all the while that main purpose will remain clear enough to the judicious. It is, in brief, the purpose of clarifying the current exchange of rhetorical gas bombs upon the subject of American ideals and the American character, so copious, so cocksure and withal so ill-informed and inconclusive, by putting into plain propositions some of the notions that lie at the heart of those ideals and enter into the very substance of that character.
  • En famille

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  • In the Heart of the Rockies

    Available: Epub 18 Downloads
    A young English boy travels to Colorado in order to join his prospector uncle in search of gold.