• Under Wellington's Command

    Available: Epub 9 Downloads
    The tale of Terrance O'Connor, son of a senior captain, who joined Sir Aurther Wellesley's expedition to Portugal. A young man notorious for his mischievous pranks, Terrance's quick witted suggestion saves the outgoing transport from attack by French privateers, and he is selected as an aides-de-camp to the General. A sequel to With Moore at Corunna.
  • Zero the Slaver

    Available: Epub 8 Downloads
    A thrilling tale of adventure, told at high pressure. Nothing is impossible to the daring and intrepid American detective, who starts for the wilds of Central Africa to track the murderer of Lord Drelincourt's wife and child. Mountains are blown up, torrents are turned from their courses, inaccessible heights are scaled with lightning speed, desperate foes are vanquished, and the most stupendous feats are successfully carried out amid the veriest hairsbredth escapes. It is a story to thoroughly delight a boy's heart. (Sequel to Into the Unknown.)
  • Jolly Sally Pendleton

    Available: Epub 20 Downloads
  • Indienfahrt

    Available: Epub 8 Downloads
  • The Cannibal Islands

    Available: Epub 5 Downloads
    This book describes some of the voyages of Captain Cook to Tahiti and other islands in the Pacific.
  • The Quest of the 'Golden Hope'

    Available: Epub 6 Downloads
  • The Fight for Constantinople

    Available: Epub 7 Downloads
  • Osceola the Seminole

    Available: Epub 9 Downloads
    A historical novel of the seminole resistance led by Osceola. One of Mayne Reid's most prominent novels in this genre.
  • Voice from the Cave

    Available: Epub 19 Downloads
    Penny is dismayed when her father's new friend, Mrs. Deline, travels with the Parkers on their vacation. Penny considers Mrs. Deline to be a pest and feels that Mrs. Deline has ruined their vacation. Fortunately, Penny is distracted by a search for foreign spies who are hiding in the area and have been transmitting information over the radio.
  • Rimrock Jones

    Available: Epub 6 Downloads
    Made into a 1918 movie starring Wallace Reid and Ann Little, and first appeard in The Popular Magazine, November 7, 1916.