Compel Me

Compel Me


I go by Rose. But don’t let the delicate name fool you—I’m all thorns…

The polished metal stakes strapped to my thighs have pierced the hearts of so many vampires I’ve lost count. And after five years I still haven’t found him—the vamp with one blue eye and one brown. The one who slaughtered my mother and left me, a child, to sit screaming in a pool of her still-warm blood.

With any luck, he’ll come to me. You see, I’ve made something of a name for myself with my trade. It seems more and more of the bloodsucking bastards seek to find me every day. Each of them wanting to be the one to say they plucked The Black Rose.

It’s not until a group of three finds me that I think I’ve finally met my match. But these aren’t just any nameless, faceless vamps. I know them. Or, at least, I knew them—when they were still human.

Worst of all, I owe them a debt.

But paying it means I’ll need to face my worst fear… that I may not be entirely human, either.


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