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  • Jack Winters' Baseball Team

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  • Educational Toys

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  • The Life of George Washington, Vol. 1

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    In his will George Washington bequeathed to his favorite nephew, Bushrod Washington, his personal letters, private papers and secret documents accumulated during a lifetime of service to his country. When the bequest became known, many of the literary men of the country were proposed for the commission to write the authorized life of our First President.Bushrod Washington's choice fell upon John Marshall, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. To him he handed over all the precious papers left him by his distinguished relative. George Washington and Marshall's father, Thomas Marshall, were boyhood companions, so John Marshall knew "the Father of His Country" as a neighbor and friend from his earliest youth, and served under him in the Revolution.
  • The Big-Town Round-Up

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    Rapid, impossible novel of the moving-picture type, in which the hero, a cowboy from Arizona, comes to New York, beats up the leader of a gang of crooks and marries the daughter of a millionaire. Full of exciting situations, profanity, and crude humor.
  • L'Aiglon

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    This, the only English edition published of the story of the great Napoleon's unfortunate son, was translated by Louis N. Parker.
  • Barnabé Rudge, Tome I

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    Translated by Mr. Bonnomet.
  • Whatsoever a Man Soweth

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  • Bowser the Hound

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    How Bowser the Hound lost his way while following the trail of Old Man Coyote.
  • Practical Taxidermy

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